IQAC makes it a tradition to mandatorily collect feedback from stakeholders- students, teachers, parents, alumni and employers. This is done by a feedback committee. They collect and analyse the feedback and make suggestions to the appropriate bodies.


The objective of the exercise is to correctly gauge the impact of all the efforts taken by the institution at all levels on the various stakeholders. The institution wants the benefits to reach all the stakeholders. This feedback is collected and trends generated through statistical analysis. Based on the opinion of the stakeholders, further action is taken by the feedback committee.


  • Online Feedback form is avaliable for (Faculty Feedback and Infrastucture Feedback)
  • Feedback on curriculum is collected from students by circulating the Feedback Forms. It is collected and brought to IQAC for further analysis. The Statistical data is handed over to the Feedback committee. Further suggestions are incorporated by departments, college Council and governing body.
  • Feedback is collected from parents when they come for Open House or meetings. Further action is similar to the student feedback.
  • Alumni Feedback is collected during alumni meetings or sent online. The filled forms are sent for further action. Feedback is collected from teachers by circulating the feedback forms. Subsequent action is similar to the other forms.
  • Employer Feedback is collected either in person or online for further action.
  • The teachers or peers also give feedback which is collected and forwarded to the authorities for further action.
  • The feedback committee collects inputs and suggestions from the stakeholders and further action to be taken is discussed with departments and authorities.


The data is compiled and analysed . It is given for deliberation to the departments, College Council and the Governing Body.

General Action Plan after data collection and analysis

  • Annual Feedback Action Taken Report given after analysis of stakeholder feedback.
  • Meetings are held at the department level, college council and Governing Body to discuss the suggestions and trends and feasibility of implementing the suggestions in the feedback.
  • To make curriculum more effective, Add-On courses were started andconducted.
  • More activities planned for better results and holistic development.